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Brood Sensor

Temperature & Humidity of Brood
Brood sensor temperature and humidity for beehive

Monitor hive data remotely

From home on PC & Smartphone

Monitor the weight of your beehives in real-time through our user-friendly web interface or by using our mobile application compatible with Android and iOS. Stay informed by receiving email alerts, push notifications, or SMS in case of issues in your apiaries.

  • Your data available everywhere (PC and smartphone)
  • Real-time data on local connection
  • Detailed weight/temperature charts
  • Comparison between several scale
  • Alerts by SMS, MAIL or push notifications (Weight, temperature, motion and shock)
  • Share your data by creating user accounts
  • Download data in CSV format (Excel)
Connected scale data list

Honeyinstruments app

Track the weight of your hives everywhere

Access all the information and configuration of your connected hives directly from your smartphone. You will be alerted directly by notification in case of alerts on your apiaries.

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