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Our connected scale

Our hive scale sends one message per hour including the weight of the hive as well as the ambient air temperature.

Each scale is supplied with a battery and one antenna deployment extension

  • Works with a battery AA 3.6V
  • Very easy to install
  • Robust, reliable, waterproof, steel chassis, 0-300kg sensor
  • Deployable antenna (excellent radio performance) - SIGFOX network
  • Autonomy 2 years

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Data sheet

Measurement frequency1 measure / hour
Frequency messages sending1 measure / hour
Autonomy2 years
AlimentationPile AA 3.6V Lithium
Content of messagesWeight of the hive
Ambient air temperature
Deployable antennaYes
Weight measurement range0kg-300kg
Sensor failure900kg
Dimensions50cm x 43cm x 14cm
Chassis materialsteel
Scale weight6.9kg
WaterproofYes (IP67)
Weight measurement accuracy+/- 20g
Standard accessoriesAntenna extension
Pile AA

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Web interface

Track the weight of your hives by logging on to our website, receiving email reports (periodic or on alerts), receiving SMS alerts, or using our Android app

  • Secure connection
  • Global visualization of all scales
  • Weight / temperature curves detailed by scale
  • Configuration reports and alerts
  • Configurable SMS alerts
  • Share your data by creating user accounts
  • Download data in CSV format (Excel)
  • Available languages : French / English / Finnish

The first year of subscription is free !

Buy a scale and test it without paying any subscription and without commitment for 1 year

Secure payment

1 to 4 scales

3€ HT
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5 to 9 scales

2.5€ HT
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10+ scales

2€ HT
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